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Electronic resource access working as normal

January 12, 2015

It seems that the problems we were experiencing with electronic resource access at the end of last week have been resolved, and you should be able to access electronic resources as normal now. If you do have any problems with access, get in touch with the Subject Help Desk. The problems with A-N are unfortunately still ongoing, but they are being worked on.


Problems accessing electronic resources

January 9, 2015

We are currently experiencing problems logging into electronic resources, which may mean that the resources are unavailable. The problem is being worked on, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Planned maintenance to Emerald

January 8, 2015

On January 9th between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. on January 10th, there will be some maintenance to Emerald which will mean the platform will be unavailable for up to two hours. Hopefully the timing of the maintenance will cause minimal disruption, and we apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Credo working now!

January 8, 2015

We’re getting there: Credo is now working as it should (both on- and off-campus). We are very hopeful that the problems with A-N will be resolved very shortly, then we are all systems go!

Emerald fully functional now!

January 6, 2015

I may have been too hasty to decry 2015: Emerald is now fully functional, and all of our subscribed-to content is available once more. As ever, if you do encounter any problems, don’t hesitate to contact the Subject Help Desk.

Grateful thanks to Emerald for resolving this issue so quickly.

Issues with accessing Emerald content

January 6, 2015

Not a fan of 2015 resource-wise so far… We appear to be experiencing difficulties accessing Emerald content at the moment, in that we currently seem only to be able to access a very limited number of titles. The problem has been reported to the supplier and it is hoped the issue will be resolved as possible. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

UBIR back up and running… Credo and A-N still not fully functional

January 6, 2015

Some good news for a Tuesday: UBIR is back up and running. Unfortunately, the problems we were having with Credo yesterday have yet to be resolved, although they are being worked on at the moment. Similarly, the problems we were experiencing with A-N before Christmas are still on going. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Happy new year (sort of)! UBIR and Credo Reference experiencing problems

January 5, 2015

Happy new year! I hope that you have all had a restful Christmas.

We start 2015 with a couple of resource problems.

UBIR is currently unavailable. The problem has been reported, and it is hoped it will be resolved as soon as possible.

We are also experiencing problems with Credo Reference: the resource is currently not available off-campus, but on-campus the resource should be working as normal. The problem has been reported to the resource provider, and again, it is hoped the problem will be resolved as soon as possible.

Here’s to a 2015 with minimal resource problems…!

Coming soon… Discover@Bolton

December 15, 2014

The eagle-eyed among you may soon start to notice that there is some additional text in the A to Z list of electronic resources, as well as a new link in that A to Z list. I’m sure you’re all dying to try clicking on that link and see what’s going on. Wonder no more! In early 2015, we will be launching a brand new service for the library that will hopefully improve your experience of accessing electronic resources for your research. Discover@Bolton is a web-based service that will allow you search multiple databases at once, meaning that in a lot of cases, you will not need to visit individual databases to conduct your research. To access Discover@Bolton, simply click on the link, enter your search terms, and away you go!

Note that at present, although off-campus access is not impossible, the service works best on-campus. However, vastly improved functionality in that respect will be introduced early next year. Discover@Bolton is a developing service, so watch this space for news of further developments and improvements.

We hope that you will enjoy being able to access Discover@Bolton and your feedback is greatly appreciated. More Discover@Bolton news will be available in the New Year. For an Electronic Resources Librarian, this is possibly the best Christmas present I could have hoped for, and it gives me great pleasure to tell you all to “Go discover”!


UBIR up and running again

December 15, 2014

UBIR is working as it should now – just in time for the end of term! UBIR (University of Bolton Institutional Repository) aims to capture, store and preserve the intellectual output of the University of Bolton and is always seeking new material to deposit. A wide range of material can be accepted – journal articles, book chapters, reports, working papers, poster presentations, conference papers, photographs and more – and if you wish to find out more about UBIR and open access in general, don’t hesitate to contact the UBIR team. Take a look at UBIR here.