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Resource focus: SportDISCUS

January 16, 2018

Hands up who made it their New Year’s resolution to take up a sport and get fit? At the start of 2016 I made this my resolution and amazingly I’ve stuck to it. If you’d have told me 20 years ago that I would feel cross that my gym closes at 8 p.m. on a weekend I’d have laughed at you…

Anyway, if you are studying sports sciences (as opposed to someone like me!), there is one database you simply cannot do without: SportDISCUS. This is a hugely important full-text resource for anyone studying sports and sports medicine. Containing over 150,000 articles from over 600 journals, this database covers health education, coaching, fitness, physical therapy and sports sciences to name a few topics. SportDISCUS is very easy to search so do take a look if you are studying sports-related topics.


That’s all very well, but how do I actually access a resource…

January 12, 2018

I’ve told you all about way you can access library services and resources and what you will find most useful this week. However, there is something I haven’t done, and that’s tell you exactly how to access resources.

Once upon a time, accessing electronic resources was, by today’s standards, tortuous. It was almost as if you had to demonstrate that you really, really wanted to access resources. Some of you will remember Open Athens, which had definite limitations (remember the “extra clicks”?), but at the time, seemed almost revolutionary. Gone was the “classic Athens” setup where you needed a separate username and password to access resources. I can even remember students having to register themselves, using specific code for specific subject areas/cohorts.

Thankfully, those days are behind us and it’s now as simple as possible to access resources. Simply click on the link, and when prompted, enter your Bolton network ID and password and away you go! A very, very small minority resources do require additional information, but it really is a small number and we are working to ensure that this number stays small. Help on accessing electronic resources is available on your Subject Guide and there is also a guide to accessing electronic resources.

If you need any help at all with accessing resources, get in touch with the Subject Help Desk, and a librarian will be pleased to help you.

All hail the ebook!

January 11, 2018

We’ve bookmarked our Subject Guide, we’ve looked at our reading lists, we’re discovering with Discover@Bolton: what can possibly be next? The ebook, of course!

Yes, yes, I hear you: you all know what an ebook is. But what do you really know about academic ebooks? The only thing you really need to know about an ebook is that there is just one crucial difference between a printed book and an ebook: the format. The content is exactly the same; the academic suitability is exactly the same. So if your lecturer tells you to read a book on any given subject, and the only library copy available is an electronic copy, that is absolutely acceptable. We can even help you reference it properly in the help you’ll find in the relevant sections of LEAP Online.

There are numerous advantages of using an ebook and I think it’s worth mentioning a few of them as a reminder. As is the case with other online resources (databases, for example), they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Although there are some restrictions on the number of users who can access a book at any one time, the number of ‘unlimited’ titles is growing, and unlike a traditional loan, the ebook will be available again a lot quicker. Some platforms allow you to create an account so that you can make your own online notes, and they all allow you to print out sections, save searches and email bibliographic details. In addition, most of our 150,000 ebooks can be accessed via Discover@Bolton, as well as the library catalogue. There is information on ebooks on your Subject Guide, and we also have this help guide for Ebooks to help you further.

Get discovering with Discover@Bolton

January 10, 2018

search boxred box

Subject Guide: check. Reading List Online: check.

What’s next to explore and help you get to grips with using library resources? Discover@Bolton. This powerful tool allows you to search across the full text of the majority of our electronic databases and where we have access to that full text, link to it with just a few keystrokes. Look for the red button on the library website or the links from the Subject Guides. One of the benefits of using Discover@Bolton is that you don’t have to know which is the best database to use for your studies: Discover@Bolton does the work for you. So for example, you might be doing research on use of technology in the classrooms. By using Discover@Bolton, you can find research from IEEE Xplore as well as ProQuest Education Journals using a single interface. It’s also really easy to refine searches, too, which is another benefit.

Reading Lists Online (RLO)

January 9, 2018


So you found your Subject Guide, what next? Chances are that as you prepare to research and complete your assignments, there will be a reading list that you will need to take notice of. We have a service available that enables you to access your reading lists online. Reading Lists Online (or RLO) does “exactly what it says on the tin”: online reading lists. From Moodle, your Subject Guide or the library homepage, click on the links to RLO and search for list. You will see a list of the material recommended by your lecturers, and if an online version is included, you will be able to link to it. If you login, you can add notes to the items.

Subject Guides: your starting point

January 8, 2018

front page

Have you ever wondered how to start with accessing library material and making the most out of library services and resources? Wonder no more! The simplest way to find your way round our services and resources is to visit your Subject Guide. Here, you will find information on accessing our services, as well as links to Discover@Bolton, Reading Lists Online, our collection of Ebooks, the library catalogue, subject-specific databases and links to important web resources. You can also keep up to date with latest library developments and news and book a group study room. Subject Guides are accessible from the library homepage; bookmark yours today!



Farewell 2016…

December 20, 2016

This Electronic Resources Librarian will be finishing for Christmas in a matter of hours, and so it’s reached the point in the year where we look back at the past 12 months. Before I do, I’ll take this opportunity to remind you that our electronic resources will be available wherever you are over the festive break.

Anyway, to 2016.

The year seemed to start with lots of reports of broken resources: blog posts from January are somewhat singular in nature. However, a report about the Scopus Cited Reference Programme provided an opportunity to reflect on the growth in online information provision, and just how much this has changed in the past 20 years. I reminisced about the overhead projectors. It was possibly a slow month… In February, I looked at usage statistics, and how, or even if, we can determine what our most popular electronic resource is, we reminded ourselves of our Reading Lists Online Service (more on that in 2017) and finally I was able to bring the exciting – or it is in my world – news that we are able to access usage statistics for UBIR. March was another quiet month on the electronic resources front – not even an overhead projector made and appearance – I talked a little about open access compliancy for the REF.

As the year went on, this blog was a little quiet. It seemed that access problems were not as prevalent as they had been at the start of the year, and everything was ticking over rather nicely. However, there was another reason why this blog was a little more quiet than usual: behind the scenes some very exciting work was being done to improve the way in which we provide information about our resources and subject-specific support. The comparative quiet of April, May, June and July ended in August with what has become a annual summer event: redesigned resources. Some annual events I like; some I do not. Resource redesigns often fall into the latter category. However, one of the resources subject to a redesign this summer was the Taylor and Francis platform, and this particular redesign has been rather good. Indeed, usage of the resource has gone up, so it seems that you all like it, too.

And so to September, and the start of the new academic year. To coincide with the new academic year, we launched Subject Guides, which are subject-specific pages that provide access to information relating to your course, for example, links to resources and study skills information. Related to this, we launched a new guide for Research Support in October for anyone who is engaged in any research at any level. November saw some further developments in how we present information about resources as we launched a new and improved A to Z list of databases, a guide to Reading Lists Online and a completely new Electronic Resources page on the Library website. Also this term the Library Twitter feed (@BoltonUniLib) has featured E-resources top tips: bite-sized helpful information about resources. We’ve also been fortunate this term to subscribe to two new resources: Drama Online and ProQuest Ebook Central, the latter of which enables access to around 140,000 electronic books.

Suddenly it’s December, and we’re approaching the end of a calendar year. Whatever you have planned over the festive season, I wish you all the very best, and look forward to many more electronic resource developments for 2017!

Help us improve your library services by completing the Annual User Satisfaction Survey

December 8, 2016

It’s that time of year… (okay, another time of year). Help us improve your library services by completing our Annual User Satisfaction Survey. As a thank you, anyone who completes it will be given £5 free print quota.

The survey is available here.


Library system problems, July 27th – RESOLVED

July 27, 2016

Apologies for any inconvenience this caused.

Library system down today, July 27th

July 27, 2016

We are experiencing some problems with the Library systems, and regret that some services are unavailable.

The Library Catalogue’s My Account is not be available (for example reserving books will not be possible). The catalogue will be available for searching, but not information on availability of an item on the shelf. Other library electronic resources are unaffected.

Apologies for any inconvenience this will cause, and are working on resuming services as soon as possible.