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Changes to the Emerald journals interface

January 9, 2017

Over the festive break, publishers Emerald have been busy rebranding. Their website looks a little different, and their logo is different. The swirly ‘e’ has been replaced by something a little more modern-looking. Rest assured, however, that access to content remains the same and access to the database itself has not been affected.

I must admit I’m quite sad to see the swirly ‘e’ go. I’m not normally one for sticking to what I’ve always known (although Starbursts to me will always be Opal Fruits), but I feel quite nostalgic about that old green ‘e’. I couldn’t quite figure out why until I cast my mind back a few years and recollected that Emerald was one of the first electronic databases that provided access to full text content that I used as a student. Prior to studying Library and Information Management, there was very little in the way of electronic resources that was of any relevance whatsoever to me as a musicology student. The odd CD-ROM, perhaps, and I was fully au fait with your average microfilm reader, but electronic resources that provided full text were a bit of an unknown.

Emerald was the first database providing full text access to journal articles that I got to really learn. It was a wonderful revelation: truly, it was as if I’d completed a Moon landing, such was my amazement. It still remains a most useful database, and although I’ve got beyond that Eureka moment of being able to download an article, I still wonder slightly at the availability of research following just a few keystrokes.



Changes to Taylor and Francis Online

August 15, 2016

It seems like a long time since I’ve spoken about any electronic resource developments, doesn’t it?! I’m sure I’ll rectify that at some point soon, but in the meantime, some news relating to one of our journals platforms, Taylor and Francis Online.

The Taylor and Francis Online interface has recently been upgraded – while I was on holiday, so apologies for the lack of warning! – so you’ll note that it looks a little different. The main search screen is easier to navigate, and the provider has improved the way in which it indicates the content that forms part of our subscription.  Do let us know what you think. We work closely with providers to ensure their products serve our community in the best way possible and are always happy to pass on any comments and/or suggestions.

I hope everyone’s having a lovely summer so far and are all looking forward to the start of the new academic year!

IHS may be back, but we’re not quite so lucky with Wiley Online Library…

March 10, 2016

Open door opens and another one closes… (full of positivity in Electronic Resources corner today!). We seem to be experiencing problems accessing Wiley Online Library. It seems that others in the UK are affected, so watch this space for further updates.

Problems accessing Taylor and Francis journals

February 15, 2016

We are currently experiencing problems accessing Taylor and Francis journals. We are hopeful that this will be resolved very shortly and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

A look back at 2015 (and welcome back to UBIR!)

January 4, 2016

The problems we were having with UBIR this morning have been resolved thanks to the swift actions of our Networks team and the service is working as normal.

Every year, I like to look back on the previous year, so now that we appear to be without resource problems, it’s time to do just that for 2015. However, before I do, over Christmas I was watching one of these ‘review of the year’ type programmes. I happened to catch the closing credits, and one of the sources mentioned was WGSN – Worth Global Style Network – which is a resource that we have access to here at the University of Bolton. Among other areas, WGSN looks at current and predicted trends, and is proof that our resources are essential for understanding a topic. Access WGSN via the library webpages or via Discover@Bolton.

Anyway, I digress. Back to 2015.

Last year was an exciting year for me as Electronic Resources Librarian as a number of very important changes were made to make your experience of accessing and discovering electronic resources better. We’ll come to these changes later.

In January, we had a fair few resource problems (staggeringly, my first post of 2015 concerned UBIR outage!) which were a cause of frustration. I think that was possibly one of the worst months I’ve known for that. However, we also looked at the British Library’s Save our Sounds project which is looking to negate the very real issue that in just 15 years, many recorded sounds could be inaccessible as equipment required to preserve and play them becomes obsolete. February was an exciting month: Discover@Bolton search boxes appeared on the library website. Although at that stage Discover@Bolton was only accessible on-campus, this was the first time that a service to search multiple databases at once was made readily available to the University of Bolton community. March saw a solar eclipse, and we looked at how we could use our electronic databases to find out more about this phenomenon.

April was a quiet month, so we reviewed Save our Sounds and pointed readers in the direction of JISC’s Summer of Innovation. May saw a General Election and as well as a new government, we also acquired two new resources: WGSN Lifestyle and Interiors and the online edition of the British Medical Journal. As the academic year drew to a close, June seemed to be a busy month for resource problems, including one of the most bizarre remote access I’ve ever come across in 10 years of working with electronic resources.

July was another quiet month, not least because of major refurbishment works that were taking place in the Library over the summer. As we all looked forward to a break, I considered the merits of speaking to publishes about resource usage and development, and how it is important to engage with them. July was also when I presented Discover@Bolton to staff at the University’s TIRI Conference, and how it could be used to enhance learning. My presentation is available here. As the summer drew on, in August we looked at OAPEN-UK, a project set to investigate issues surrounding the publication of textbooks in electronic format.

All this time, I was working on two important developments that  came to fruition in September. The first of these was a major change – in the background – to how we log into resources. This change was particularly important for remote access and we really hope things are simpler now. The other change, and the one I’m most excited about, was the off-campus launch of Discover@Bolton. That was pretty much the only news that month, but it was certainly big news! In October, we acquired yet another new resource: Acland Anatomy. We also looked at open access as part of Open Access Week and we had the first of our Subject Librarian guest posts: Reading Lists online by Mary Barden. November saw an exploration of Royal College of Nursing Journals by our Subject Librarian for Health Dawn Grundy, extra content was added to Discover@Bolton and we remembered George Boole, whose development of logic led to the use of AND, OR and NOT that we have come to use in our own library searches.

As the year drew to a close, December brought another Subject Librarian guest post, this time on services for researchers by Anne Keddie. We looked at the top 100 articles of 2015 according to Altmetric, and we had a bit of fun looking at the 12 Apps of Christmas.

So that was 2015. I wonder what 2016 will bring…


Extra content added to the Directory of Open Access Journals on Discover@Bolton

November 23, 2015

Around 7,000 extra journals from the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) are now available via Discover@Bolton. DOAJ is an important open access resource, and if you want to ensure that you can discover article from these journals from your Discover@Bolton searches, make sure that you check the “Check this box to search open access resources beyond your library’s collection” option at the top right-hand side of your search results.

Important notice for those using Wiley journals (and UBIR is still down…!)

July 13, 2015

If you make use of the journals available on the Wiley platform, be aware that if in any one session you attempt to download more than 25 articles, you may presented with a CAPTCHA screen and asked to enter the code you see. You may well have come across this before, and once you have entered the code, you will be able to proceed as normal to download the article.

In other news, UBIR is still unavailable, but we’re hoping this issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

Temporary solution to the Sage problem

June 23, 2015

The problem with off-campus access to Sage Journals continues, and as it appears that it is a fairly major technical problem, we do not know when the problem might be resolved. The good news is that we have a temporary workaround in place that will enable you to access Sage Journals off-campus in the interim. To do so, you will need an additional username and password that is available from the Subject Help Desk. Keep checking this blog for further updates!

This is turning into one of the most bizarre reasons for not having remote access I’ve come across in 10 years of working with electronic resources – to say there has been a crossing of virtual wires is something of an understatement – and, as I really should do more often, I wish to thank publicly the UK Access Management Federation, Sage and Highwire for their help in getting this resolving for us. And you, our users, for your continued patience!

Ongoing problems with Sage journals off-campus

June 22, 2015

Unfortunately, the problems we were experiencing with access to Sage journals off-campus continues. The providers of the platform are working to resolve the issue as soon as they possibly can, but as yet there is no indication as to when this issue might be resolved. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

New! British Medical Journal now available online!

May 19, 2015

We now have access to the British Medical Journal online (articles available from January 2015). On-campus, follow the links from the library catalogue and e-journals portal. Off-campus, follow these steps:

  1. From the article you wish to access, click on the “Sign in via institution access” link. Alternatively, you can click the “Sign in” link on the BMJ home page and following the “Via your institution” option.
  2. Select “UK Access Management Federation” from the Location drop-down list.
  3. Select “University of Bolton” from the resulting drop-down list.
  4. When prompted to do so, enter your Bolton network username and password, and enjoy the content!