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An Eresource Advent, Day 18

December 18, 2017

We’ve yet to feature a legal resource on this advent, so today it’s the turn of LexisLibrary, one of our main legal sources. In fact, you could saw that along with Westlaw, it is one of the giants of legal electronic resources. Containing cases, legislation, journal articles, current awareness, news and general legal information, the database also includes electronic books that include Halsbury’s Laws of England. A glossary that can be searched is also available. If you are a law student, or if you are studying anything at all that might demand an understanding of legal matters, it’s worth taking the time to learn how to use this powerful, and essential, database. Get in contact with the Subject Help Desk for further help!


An Eresource Advent: Day 16

December 16, 2017

To combat the winter blues, today’s resource is SportDISCUS, a hugely important full-text resource for anyone studying sports and sports medicine. Containing over 150,000 articles from over 600 journals, this database covers health education, coaching, fitness, physical therapy and sports sciences to name a few topics. SportDISCUS is very easy to search so take a look if you are studying sports-related topics!

An Eresource Advent: Day 15

December 15, 2017

Today we have a resource that is crucial for anyone researching educational topics: Ebsco Education. This resource is actually a set of five abstracting and indexing databases: British Education Index; ERIC (Education Resources Information Center); Education Abstracts; Child Development and Adolescent Studies; Educational Administration Abstracts. If we have access to any of the journals and articles indexed by any of these databases you will be able to link to them, and if there is anything we don’t have access to and you still would like it, you can request an Inter-Library Loan.

An Eresource Advent: Day 14

December 14, 2017

We’re two weeks into our Eresources Advent and today we bring you IEEE Xplore. Published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineered, this large, full-text database is useful for anyone studying scientific or technical disciplines, and in many respects can be regarded as multi-disciplinary. There’s an awful lot to be found within IEEE Xplore; it goes far beyond access to full-text journal articles (although let’s not forget about full-text journals – there are nearly 200 available in IEEE Xplore!). You can also find over 1,800 conference proceedings andĀ over 6,200 technical standards.

An Eresource Advent: Day 6

December 6, 2017

Today’s entry turns to a highly specialised CINAHL (the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature) which is an essential resource for our nursing students, as well as those studying health-related topics and even subject such as sports rehabilitation. Enabling access to over 600 full-text journals, CINAHL includes research on topic such as aging, mental health, community nursing, healthcare management, a range of nursing research topics, physiotherapy, paediatric and psychiatric care. CINAHL is a specialised database, and we have provided a video tutorial, accessible via the A to Z list of resources, to help you get the most out of it.

An Eresource Advent: Day 4

December 4, 2017

It’s another trip down memory lane for today’s entry: Scopus. One of the most important abstracting and indexing databases currently available to academic institutions and their members, Scopus celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2014. Why does this get me reminiscing? In 2005, a year after the launch of Scopus, I was working in my first professional librarian role. The library in which I was working at the time took out a subscription to Scopus and it was very exciting, for a newly-minted librarian, to be involved in the acquisition of this resource. Today, Scopus remains key. Indexing around 35,000 quality academic journals, it is a vital starting point for anyone engaged in research, particularly as you progress your academic career. Where we have the full-text available, you can link to it from within Scopus. If not, and if your appraisal of the abstract leads to think that the research will be vital, you can request an Inter-Library Loan. T

An Eresource Advent: Day 3

December 3, 2017

Today’s entry did present a little confusion in my mind, because I always think of ProQuest Central as a new resource. We’ve actually enjoyed access to this key full-text database for seven years; how time flies! It’s still as relevant to our collection as it was then: a large and truly multi-disciplinary full-text database. Containing the full-text of just short of 20,000 journals, it facilitates access to a number of subject-based collections within that, ranging from business journals, health-related journals and education journals to newspaper collections and collections with a more historical emphasis.

Access to Westlaw has been restored

June 30, 2017

Our access to Westlaw has now been restored, and you should now be able to access the resource as normal.

Problems accessing Westlaw

June 30, 2017

We are experiencing problems accessing Westlaw. We are working closely with the providers to resolve the issue and apologies for any inconvenience caused.

A to Z Database List developments

May 12, 2017

One of the nice things about some of the software we use to provide information is that we can make changes quickly and easily to ensure you get the information you need. To that end, we’ve made some changes to the A to Z Database List. Where you previously needed to hover over the I icon to see a description, it now appears directly beneath the database link. Quick Start Guides are also available directly from the A to Z Database too.