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MyiLibrary currently inaccessible

October 20, 2017

We are experiencing problems with MyiLibrary at the moment. This problem is affecting ALL users in the UK and the providers are working to resolve the issue as a matter of urgency.


EThOS unavailable tomorrow 17th October from 14:00 to 15:00

October 16, 2017

Due to an essential upgrade, EThOS will be unavailable tomorrow (17th October) between 14:00 and 15:00. This upgrade includes the implementation of the following new features:

  • Introducing a “Sort by” feature – year, author, title, relevance
  • Introducing new display icons in the search results – for embargoed or restricted theses, and for ‘order from print’
  • Improvements to Advanced search


Issues with accessing full-text via Discover@Bolton (but don’t panic; a workaround is available!)

October 16, 2017

We appear to be experiencing problems accessing full-text via Discover@Bolton, in that it would seem that at the moment, a few extra clicks are required to get to the full-text. We know this isn’t quite right and have reported the problem to the providers. However, we do have a workaround.

Once you have found an article you wish to access, make a note of the details (e.g. year/volume/number/pages etc.). Click on the link to the full-text. If you don’t get taken straight to the full-text, on the following screen, navigate to the year in which your desired article was published and find the correct article. You will then be able to access the article.

Apologies for the inconvenience. We know how frustrating it can be something doesn’t work as expected, and we are doing everything we can do resolve this issue. Keep checking this blog for further updates.

New! Links to Reading Lists Online and Subject Guides are now on the Student Portal

October 10, 2017

student portal

It is now possible to link to both Reading Lists Online AND Subject Guides from the Student Portal; look for the two icons above.

This seems like a good opportunity to talk about both of these services. Let’s take Reading Lists Online first of all. Reading Lists Online is exactly “what is says on the tin” (no apologies for the cliché there…!): reading lists, that are online. What’s the benefit of this? Quite aside from the fact that your reading lists are absolutely essential to your studies, an online reading list ensures that you can access your list wherever you are, and you can even link to online material from that list. Not only can you link to electronic books and journals, you can also find links to services such as Discover@Bolton, your Subject Guide and even important websites. Simply search for your module code and your list will be accessible. We are working on integrating Reading Lists Online in Moodle so this process will hopefully be simpler – watch this space!

So to Subject Guides. One of the questions we get quite regularly is “Where do I start?”, and actually, that’s a really good question: where should you start?! An excellent starting point is the Subject Guide for your course. Use the guide to access information about access resources, explanations and links to the best electronic resources for your studies, links to referencing, using the Library, accessing Inter-Library Loans and access to Discover@Bolton.


Digimap user? Read on!

October 10, 2017

Users of Digimap may be interested to learn that a series of free webinars is available between now and December. See here for further details!

Royal College of Nursing Journals: access possible again

October 3, 2017

Some good news: access to Royal College of Nursing Journals has been restored. Just one thing to note: due to a technical issue, they are now listed separately on the A to Z list of electronic resources.

Royal College of Nursing journals update

September 25, 2017

Oh for some better news… The problems we have been experiencing recently with access to Royal College of Nursing journals have yet to be resolved. The better news is that we think we know what the problem is, and we are currently trying to arrange alternative access. Please accept our apologies; we fully appreciate how frustrating this.

Continuing problems with Royal College of Nursing journals

September 21, 2017

Unfortunately, the problems we have been experiencing with accessing Royal College of Nursing journals is continuing. We are working to resolve this as quickly as possible and thank you for your patience. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Guest post: LEAP Online launch

September 21, 2017

To coincide with the start of the new academic year, we are pleased to bring you news of the launch of LEAP Online, which replaces BISSTO (Bolton Interactive Study Skills Tutorials Online). In this guest post, Subject Librarians Mary Barden and Dawn Grundy tell us more:

LEAP Online is now live! LEAP Online is designed to support academic and personal development. Each section contains information, videos and activities. You can earn digital badges by completing the assessments. Find out more and access LEAP Online here. If you need any advice on using LEAP Online, look out for the Guide in the Library or just ask a member of staff at the Help Desk.

For a short video on how to access LEAP Online, why you should use it and how to make the most of it, see here.



Royal College of Nursing Journals

September 14, 2017

I had hoped this blog post would tell you all about the upgrade and improvements to the Royal College of Nursing Journals platform (RCNi). Unfortunately, that is not to be… Following this upgrade, there have been some technical problems beyond our control and the journals content on RCNi is unavailable. The publisher is working to resolve these issues – which are affecting all customers – but at the moment do not know when the problem is likely to be resolved.

Apologies for any inconvenience.