An Eresource Advent: Day 12


And now for something completely different: the “treasure trove” that is Mass Observation Online. This a wonderful resource and quite unlike any of our other resources in that it provides access to the archives of the Mass Observation organisation, which was a social research organisation founded in 1937. Its aim was, to quote the founders, “to make an anthropology of ourselves”, and a group of observers gathered information about everyday life, studying a huge range of people. There is too much in the way of fascinating material to give examples of the quite remarkable material available in Mass Observation Online; have a look for yourself!


One Response to “An Eresource Advent: Day 12”

  1. Shrove Tuesday in Worktown | Says:

    […] photographs which were used as documentary evidence for the Mass Observation project (read my blog post from December 2017 to find out […]

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