An Eresource Advent: Day 9


Today we have the slightly unique full-text resource JSTOR. Why unique? JSTOR was founded to help academic libraries store (i.e. digitally) journal articles, founded specifically to help libraries free up vital space as well as money associated with storage and preservation. Crucially, JSTOR provides access to journal articles that are much older than those we normally think of when we think of academic journals. For example, the University of Bolton, via JSTOR, can access articles from the International Journal of Ethics from the 1890s to the 1930s. Naturally I have checked out the articles that were published in this journal while Queen Victoria was still on the throne… I was drawn to an article entitled “Some remarks on punishment” (what that says about me, I do not know). The article opens with a discussion on Darwinism, specifically that it did not need to challenge our moral conceptions. However, the author concedes that in terms of ethics, Darwinism may prove to be revolutionary, and indeed may “modify the view which we take of punishment”. I’ve just read that online, at my desk. If I want to, I can save it, send to email or print it out. Now that is revolutionary…


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