What’s wrong with my resource…?!


The Internet is a funny thing. When everything is working fine – which is most of the time, mercifully – we don’t even think twice about clicking on a link and getting to where we want to go. When things aren’t working quite as expected, it’s like we’re a little stuck. Perhaps we’re stuck in a loop; perhaps we’re repeatedly coming across broken links. Maybe we long for the days of the card catalogue…

As Electronic Resources Librarian, I’m clearly a champion of the electronic resource. My own research activities – and as a consequence by personal and professional development – have been enhanced by having ready access to electronic resources. I am constantly amazed by new developments. It isn’t always seamless, however, and our reliance on Internet connections and working devices to access electronic resources can sometimes backfire, for want of a better word: if one or the other goes, what do we do?!

So, this morning we have a problem with RLO. It would seem that we are experiencing issues with the display of links to RLO from with our library catalogue. However, it would seem at the moment that this problem is restricted to Internet Explorer. Everything seems to be working fine in Chrome, so my suggestion would be to switch to using Chrome, if available, or perhaps try another browser (Firefox, Safari etc.). I am finding more and more that resources are working better in Chrome. Exactly why that is I really do not know, but if you are having any issues with accessing electronic resources, or they are not working the way you expect them to be – perhaps the display is strange, or everything is  being very slow to load – then have a go in Chrome.

In the meantime, because we fully appreciate that many of you prefer to use Internet Explorer, we are working to resolve the display issues we are seeing in RLO, and apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Watch this space for further updates.



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