Rediscovering Discover@Bolton: interface changes news


Just when I thought we were having a quiet summer (what’s left of it, anyway!) along comes a resource upgrade that I wasn’t quite expecting! If you use Discover@Bolton, you might notice that it’s looking a little different. The thing you’ll probably spot first is the red bar across the top of the screen: don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that anything is broken! The good news is that functionality has not been affected by this upgrade, so using Discover@Bolton to access a huge range of library electronic resources is just as good as it was – phew!

It’s hard to imagine, but it’s nearly a year since off-campus access to Discover@Bolton, a dream for such a long time due to string of complex technical challenges, became a reality. Since then, Discover@Bolton has become a vital library service: tens of thousands of searches are being done every month. I must admit I can get very animated when I’m talking about how Discover@Bolton is used so I won’t go on… Well, perhaps not today! Instead, I’ll point you in the direction of a conference paper on the topic that I presented at a conference back in May this year. Entitled Organic information literacy: supporting the developing researcher at the University of Bolton, I explored the impact of Discover@Bolton on our community. Worth a read if you want to know more about how we as information professionals continue to learn at the same time you do your academic work!




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