Happy new year! Get discovering library resources…


It’s finally here: the start of term! If you’re new to the University of Bolton, we would like to welcome you. If you’re a returning student, then welcome back, and we hope that you had a lovely summer.

Those of you who are returning may have noticed that there have been some changes within the library. We’ve a new carpet throughout, the toilets have been fully refurbished and the Help Desk has been relocated to the Link Zone. Not sure where to go when you first enter the library? Just ask at the new Meet and Greet information point down in the Welcome Zone.

So what about electronic resources, what’s new there? Well, over the past few months, we’ve been working on some developments that we hope are going to greatly enhance your experience not only of finding electronic resources, but also of accessing them. I’ll deal with the latter development first. We’re aware that you’ve been finding electronic resources difficult to access (i.e. log into), particularly off-campus. We’re currently in the process of changing the way in which you access resources, so the days of long, complex access notes, extra clicks, ignoring obvious-looking login boxes and all the other things you’ve told us you find (justifiably) difficult are coming to end for the majority of our electronic resources.

You shouldn’t really notice anything too different: click on a link from our library pages, and when prompted to do so, enter your Bolton network ID and password. For most resources, you will do exactly the same thing if you are off-campus as well as on-campus. This is new system for us – the implementation of which has caused your Electronic Resources Librarian to have a few sleepless nights! – so if you find anything not working as you’d expect, then please do drop the Subject Help Desk a line and we’d be happy to help.

That’s my first development. The second, and that one I’m particularly excited about, is our new service, Discover@Bolton. Those of you who were here in the last academic year may have heard of this, and indeed may have started using it. Discover@Bolton allows you to search the full text of multiple database plus the library catalogue via single interface. Currently available on-campus, off-campus availability will be brought to you imminently. One of the exciting things about using Discover@Bolton is that it brings together most of our full text resources so that you don’t necessarily need to know which is the best resource to use. For example, you might need to do some research in an area that it outside your normal subject area. You’re well aware of the resources you’d normally use, but suddenly, you’re confronted with having to establish which completely different database might be the most appropriate.

To give a ‘real life’ example of how using Discover@Bolton will enrich your experience of discovering library resources, a few months ago I was helping a final year games student. His research was very specific: how close to reality are games based on wars. To add greater specificity to his research, he had chosen a particular World War Two battle and he wished to understand the historical context and significance of that battle. He then realised that this was going to involve doing some history-related research, something he’d never really considered before. So he had a look at Discover@Bolton, and was able to get all the information he needed. He left his ‘comfort zone’ without even knowing it.

There is further information about Discover@Bolton here. In addition, the library in conjunction with the Student Liaison Officers are putting on Bite Size sessions that include some information about Discover@Bolton, with more detailed sessions planned for later on in the term. If you have any feedback on Discover@Bolton, we’d very much like to hear it.

We also have something new for the Electronic Resources Blog for this term, guest posts by members of our team of Subject Librarians that will highlight various resources, services we offer and areas of development that we want to tell you about. Keep a look out for the first guest post which is scheduled to appear in early October.


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