Coming soon… Discover@Bolton


The eagle-eyed among you may soon start to notice that there is some additional text in the A to Z list of electronic resources, as well as a new link in that A to Z list. I’m sure you’re all dying to try clicking on that link and see what’s going on. Wonder no more! In early 2015, we will be launching a brand new service for the library that will hopefully improve your experience of accessing electronic resources for your research. Discover@Bolton is a web-based service that will allow you search multiple databases at once, meaning that in a lot of cases, you will not need to visit individual databases to conduct your research. To access Discover@Bolton, simply click on the link, enter your search terms, and away you go!

Note that at present, although off-campus access is not impossible, the service works best on-campus. However, vastly improved functionality in that respect will be introduced early next year. Discover@Bolton is a developing service, so watch this space for news of further developments and improvements.

We hope that you will enjoy being able to access Discover@Bolton and your feedback is greatly appreciated. More Discover@Bolton news will be available in the New Year. For an Electronic Resources Librarian, this is possibly the best Christmas present I could have hoped for, and it gives me great pleasure to tell you all to “Go discover”!



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