Taylor and Francis online sees new developments


This weekend an upgrade has taken place that sees improvements to the mobile version of Taylor and Francis Online. The improvements will mean that the service is easier to use on a mobile device, which is good news if you access Taylor and Francis Online on the go. Other improvements to the service as a whole which will be rolled out over the coming months following this update include:

  • All journals starting to use the CrossMark service, which will mean that you will be able to ascertain exactly which version of the article/s you are reading.
  • Google Subscriber links will be used which means that you will be able to see, following a search in Google, which articles you can access either as part of our subscription, or as part of open access agreements.
  • If an article that you are reading references other Taylor and Francis journal articles that also form part of our subscription, it will be possible to link to these articles.

It’s very useful to know what you think about any improvements to our resources, so if you do have any comments, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Electronic Resources Librarians. For general help with using resources and getting the most out of them to do your work, then get in touch with the Subject Help Desk via e-mail, call us on 01204 903404 or drop in and visit us.


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