Happy birthday Scopus!


In 2005, when I gained my first professional librarian role (at Manchester Metropolitan University), there was some excitement within the team I worked.  A new indexing database had been launched recently and it was already proving to be an excellent source of information. The contents of the database outstripped a number of other subscriptions, and all feedback suggested that this was a “must have” product. The excitement was not exclusively to do with the fact that a new database was available – although that kind of thing does tend to be exciting for librarians! – but the fact that MMU was able to take a subscription to it. I joined the team at around the time that this decision was made, and this morning, I received an e-mail to tell me that Scopus, the database to which I refer, is to celebrate its 10th year this year. Ten years! I can hardly believe this, and yes, I am feeling extremely old now!

As a part of the celebrations, Scopus will launch a newly-designed interface. Details of the new interface, which it is hoped will improve the user experience, are available here, including a image of how the new interface will look. In addition, over the next few weeks, members of the Scopus team will blog about the changes, and offer opportunities for user feedback, which I can testify they take very seriously. If you’re a Scopus user, do take a look, and if there’s something you really dislike (or for that matter you love!) then do let the folk at Scopus know.


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