It never rains…


(Actually it rains rather a lot; we are in the North West England after all!).

Two more resources are currently causing problems: Archival Sound Recordings and House of Commons Parliamentary Papers. They are both presenting error messages. The error message for Archival Sound Recordings appears at the very end of the authentication process; the error with House of Commons Parliamentary Papers appears a soon as you click on the link from the library website. Both of these errors have been reported to the relevant people and hopefully will be sorted out soon.

I go on a lot about access to resources, don’t I! It’s because I feel very strongly that access to electronic resources should be as simple as possible and that the ‘challenge’ if you like of using an electronic resources should not be how to login to it in the first place, but getting the most out of it to aid you with your research! Sadly, sometimes it can be so difficult to access and electronic resource that it is easy to become dispondent and frustrated and give up with the whole process. This is entirely understandable, and it’s a bit like coming across the most amazing shop with everything half price in the exact colour you need but not being able to find the door. Lots of people would probably sigh and move on; only a small number would go about finding an alternative entrance or getting someone inside to help them enter. The shopping analogy’s probably a bit poor, but the point I’m making here is that if you ever see an error message, or anything you’re not sure about, please, please ask us!

I may have some better news about JSTOR soon, so perhaps the sun will shine once again on our electronic resource collections! (okay, okay – but it’s May tomorrow, I am wearing a very thick fleece and there must be some hope somewhere…!)



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