Are you a postgraduate research student? Have you told us what you think?


From 5 March to 16 May 2013, the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) opens for our students. The survey is the ideal opportunity for our postgraduate research students to provide feedback about their experience on their postgraduate research degree programmes, encompassing those studied on-campus and off-campus – whether independently in the UK or abroad, or at one of our overseas centres.

Every student who takes part in the comprehensive survey has the opportunity to win £20, £30 or £50 in Amazon vouchers via prize draw entry, as well as the knowledge that they have contributed to the only national survey looking at postgraduate research students’ experience of learning and teaching programmes. Eligible students will be emailed with a personalised link on the survey opening date (5 March 2013) and at several points during the survey period.

The PRES 2013 is an ideal opportunity for students to affect the future development of the programmes. The results of the survey will allow us to compare students’ experience of postgraduate programmes both internally and against the national average and benchmarking groups so to make changes that better meet their needs in future. No league tables are produced; the ethos of the survey is very much about informing educational enhancement.

The results are only valuable if our students take part. Please can we ask you to do what you can to make your postgraduate research students aware of the survey and explain why completing the survey is important.

To find out more about PRES, please visit:


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