All change! Developments in accessing electronic resources


The sun is shining; spring is clearly in the air. So it’s time to start thinking about some developments in the way in which we access electronic resources that will hopefully make things easier.

Those who are familiar with our “Spotlight on…” series may have noticed that the recent display centres around accessing electronic resources, and the fact that you no longer need to login to OpenAthens before accessing an electronic resource. Instead of logging in before you try to access any resource, in order to access electronic resources, all you now have to do is go to the link for the required resource on either the subject page or the A to Z of electronic resources, click on the link and enter your Bolton network ID and password if prompted to do so. It’s that simple! Over the coming few months, the blue button currently used to access the OpenAthens login will be disappearing, but we will issue plenty of reminders, so hopefully it won’t come as too much of a shock. We’re always here to help if you are having any difficulties access electronic resources; just visit the Subject Help Desk or e-mail a librarian at

Go on, I know you’re thinking it: why are they changing things again?! A very good question. So, why are we changing things? The answer is simple: we want to ensure that your experience of accessing electronic resources – and the information you need to undertake your research – is as easy as possible. And while it may not seem like it sometimes, changing the way we access electronic resources is part of this process. Changing the way we do things is seldom without issue, and there are a number of issues we currently have with logging into resources: some of our links on the library catalogue in particular are incorrect, and a number of resources are not working as they should be. We’re working on these and we’re getting there. 

Accessing electronic resources has become one of my professional bugbears (is there such a thing?). All I want our users to be able to do is click on a link, access an electronic resources, and get on with it. This should be easy, and, happily, most of the time it is. Even when a little extra help (or clicks) are needed, most of the time we get to where we want to be. But there are times when things don’t work, and even getting to that point requires many, many extra clicks: I appreciate that sometimes it may feel like you’re going round and round the houses for no gain. Very frustrating. The good news is that I’m not the only one who has made it something of a mission in life to improve access to electronic resources and suppliers are listening.

Keep a look out for further information about changes to logging into electronic resources. Here’s hoping that 2013 will be the year of the seamless resource access!


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