Issues with OpenAthens and Internet Explorer 9


We appear to be having a few problems with Internet Explorer (IE9) and OpenAthens. You may find that some resources cannot be access via OpenAthens if you are using a PC with IE9. The problem is being looked at, and we hope that it will be resolved as soon as possible. In the meantime, there are a number of steps to follow that will mean you can still access electronic resources using OpenAthens

This example is MyiLibrary – other resources look slightly different but the principles are the same:

1. Click Alternative login:

Logging into OpenAthens using IE9 image 1

2. You can enter Bolton in the search box or expand the Universities link further down this list:

Logging into OpenAthens with IE 9 image 2

3. Note that the University of Bolton is listed under T and not U! Click on the first of the University of Bolton links:

Logging into OpenAthens with IE9

4. Click on “Go to The University of Bolton – TEST login page”

Logging into OpenAthens/IE9

5. The new login boxes will appear at this point. Login as usual (i.e. with your Bolton network ID and password) and you will be taken to the resource. Note that a page that says ‘A session already exists’ often comes up after logging in. If so, try refreshing the page, or failing that, you may need to go back and login to the resource again.

Logging into OpenAthens with IE9



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