Spotlight: Information Literacy


Spotlight for April focuses not on a particular resource, but on a very important concept: information literacy.

So, what is information literacy? In the library world, it is taken to mean being able to find, assess and use information. It is important to gain these skills in order to complete your course of study and enrich your assignments. I’ve already written about the importance of finding and using the best of the web, and applying this is all part of gaining skills in information literacy. It’s also about saving time when you are researching your assignments, and establishing exactly the information you need for your work. For example, you might have an essay on the funding of Sure Start Centres in England. Being information literate is appreciating that this simple-sounding brief is concerned with early years, the political agenda surrounding such initiatives, the purpose of Sure Start Centres and their position in England. By appreciating the many facets of your research, and starting to think about keywords, synonyms and search strategies, you’ll be making excellent headway with your research, and it might make the difference between getting average marks and getting good marks. And of course, will augment your understanding of the issue. 

The Spotlight display can be viewed in the library just beyond the Link Zone. Remember that there is always a librarian available at the Subject Help Desk, so do pay us a visit if you need any help with your studies.


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